Supreme Hip Hop Company Auditions
12:00 PM12:00

Supreme Hip Hop Company Auditions

Whether you are a beginner or advanced level dancer our Supreme Companies are a fun and exciting experience for everyone! Auditions will be on Sunday, August 18th 2019 at Supreme Dance Studio. It is absolutely free to audition, so feel free to invite your friends. Dancers are to wear comfortable clothes with clean gym shoes. Following the audition, each student will receive an email with their audition results, extended company information, along with a suggested Program Session class list. Please Pre register for auditions at



Supreme Dance Studio

4055 Oakton St.

Skokie IL, 60076



Sunday, August 18th 2019



Sunday, August 18th 2019 

Ages 8 - 12: 1pm-2:30pm

Ages 13+: 3pm-6:00pm

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Supreme Six Flags Trip!!!
9:00 AM09:00

Supreme Six Flags Trip!!!

This Wednesday, July 31st we will be taking a break from our regular class schedule for our studio trip to Six Flags and everyone is welcome to come!!! For anyone who needs a ride, studio meet up will be at 9a and we plan to leave around 9:30/10. We will be at the park all day long and we hope everyone can join!!! 

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Supreme-ify Your Closet BBQ Potluck
12:00 PM12:00

Supreme-ify Your Closet BBQ Potluck

We’re looking forward to our annual Supreme-ify Your Closet BBQ Potluck this Sunday June 23rd!

Here are some details to help you plan your day with the Fam. Doors open at 12pm.

Supreme-ify your closet!
Gino will be screen printing items for $2 each all day long. 

Some great examples of items brought last year are blank tees, blank sweaters, pillow cases, bandanas, sweat pants, etc. Be creative!

Keep in mind that the logo needs a fourteen by fourteen inch print space to fit on. 

Bring your items for printing in a bag with your last name on it. 

Thank you for your support!

Bring this stuff too!
DRINKS for your group- water will be provided. 

Any special food items if you have dietary restrictions. 

Camping chairs so you can be comfortable watching activities!

Games & Contests
While this party is an open house, there will be plenty of activities going on all day. 

Toilet Paper Runway

Water Balloon Toss

Other Games

Freestyle Battle


The most frequently asked question we get at Supreme Dance Studio is:

“How can I help?”

Here is a link to a Sign-Up Genius so you can come through like you always do!

Potluck SIgn-Up

Share our flyer today!

Attachment: Supreme_BBQ2019.jpg (240.1kB)
Attachment: Supreme_BBQlong2019.jpg (283.1kB)

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Rainbow Dance Competition
to May 5

Rainbow Dance Competition

Saturday May 4th, 2019:

Samantha & Huey Duet  (Switch) - CALL time 7:30am (doors open at 7:30a), STAGE time 8:15am

Awards - 10:40am

SuperMinis (Icons) - CALL time 9:30am, STAGE time 11:35am

Awards - 1:00pm

Prime (Supreme Boot Camp) - CALL time 10:00am, STAGE time 12:25pm

Awards - 1:00pm

Axis Competition (Hold On) - CALL time 10:00am, STAGE time 12:35pm

Awards - 1:00pm 

Axis Company (Don’t Fear) - CALL time 12:30pm, STAGE time 2:50pm

Awards - 3:30pm 

Super Juniors (Super Juniors) - CALL time 12:30pm, STAGE time 3:10pm

Dancers in "Don't Fear" we will ask the comp to give you more time.

Awards - 3:30pm 

Kayla's Solo (Let it All Go) - CALL time 2:30pm, STAGE time 4:50pm

Awards - 8:00pm  

Kira's Solo (Home) - CALL time 5:00pm, STAGE time 7:25pm

Awards - 8:00pm  

Sunday May 5th, 2019: 

(Elements) - CALL time 1:30pm, STAGE time 3:30pm

Awards - 4:00pm

Exquisite (Same Squad) - CALL time 3:30pm,  STAGE time 5:35pm

Awards - 6:10pm 

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Hall of Fame Dance Competition
to Apr 7

Hall of Fame Dance Competition

  • Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

CALL and STAGE times:

Friday April 5th, 2019:

Samantha & Huey Duet  (Switch) 687 - CALL time 2:00pm, STAGE time 3:25pm

Stage - 2


Kira's Solo (Home) 89 - CALL time 3:00pm, STAGE time 4:20pm

Stage - 1


Prime (Supreme Boot Camp) 715 - CALL time 3:40pm, STAGE time 5:40pm

Stage - 2


Axis Competition (Hold On) 155 - CALL time 7:00pm, STAGE time 9:00pm

Stage - 1


SuperME (SuperME) 173 - CALL time 8:10pm, STAGE time 10:10pm

Stage - 1


Sunday April 7th, 2019:


Kayla's Solo (Let it All Go) 1079 - CALL time 7:30am (sorry!), STAGE time 9:00am

Stage - 2


Eden's Solo (Every Time it Rains) 1088 - CALL time 7:45am, STAGE time 9:25am

Stage - 2


Exquisite (Same Squad) 1110 - CALL time 9:10am,  STAGE time 11:10am

Stage - 2


Elements (Elements) 1131 - CALL time 10:35am, STAGE time 12:35pm

Stage - 2


SuperMinis (Icons) 540 - CALL time 1:50pm, STAGE time 3:50pm

Stage - 1


Axis Company (Don’t Fear) 615 - CALL time 7:25pm, STAGE time 9:25pm

Stage - 1

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VIP Dance Competition
to Mar 17

VIP Dance Competition

  • Hemmens Cultural Center (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Saturday March 16th, 2019:


Exquisite (Same Squad) 142 - CALL time 7:00am (sorry!),  STAGE time 8:50am

Exquisite AWARDS - 10:20am


SuperMinis (Icons) 193 - CALL time 11:00am, STAGE time 1:00pm

SuperMinis AWARDS - 4:50pm


Kayla's Solo (Let it All Go) 270.1 - CALL time 5:00pm & STAGE time 6:30pm

AWARDS - 9:30pm


Samantha & Huey Duet  (Switch) 303 - CALL time 6:00pm & STAGE time 8:15pm

AWARDS - 9:30pm



Sunday March 17th, 2019:


Axis Competition (Hold On)  381 - CALL time 7:00am, STAGE time 9:45am

Axis Competition AWARDS - 12:00pm


Elements (Elements) 392.1  - CALL time 8:45am, STAGE time 10:15am

Elements AWARDS - 12:00pm


Axis Company (Don’t Fear) 409 - CALL time 9:00am, STAGE time 11:05am

Axis Company AWARDS - 12:00pm


SuperME (SuperME) 446 - CALL time 12:30pm, STAGE time 2:35pm

SuperME AWARDS - 5:20pm


Prime (Supreme Boot Camp) 453 - CALL time 1:00pm, STAGE time 3:05pm

Prime AWARDS - 5:20pm


Kira's Solo (Home) 481.1 - CALL time 4:30pm, STAGE time 6:00pm

AWARDS - 9:30pm


Eden's Solo (Every Time it Rains) 508 - CALL time 5:30pm, STAGE time 7:20pm

AWARDS - 9:30pm

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Snow Day
5:00 PM17:00

Snow Day

Hey Families,

For everyone's safety classes are cancelled today, Monday January 28th due to the snow storm. We will keep everyone updated regarding closures for the remainder of the week.

Stay safe and warm everyone!


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Supreme Spirit Week
to Dec 22

Supreme Spirit Week

Supreme Spirit Week Starts Sunday!!! Sunday - Ugly Sweater Day and Hip Hop Company Parties (Feel free to bring food and treats to share)
Monday - Pajama Day
Tuesday - Festive Socks and Accessories Day
Wednesday - Rep Your Holiday, Bring A Parent To Ballet Day and Axis Company Parties (Feel free to bring food and treats to share)
Thursday - Supreme Spirit Day (Wear your Supreme gear or Black and Red)
Friday - Fuzzy Clothing Day
Saturday - Holiday Hat and Sweater Day
December 23rd to January 5th - Supreme Winter Break! 

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We're Performing at Masterpiece
10:00 PM22:00

We're Performing at Masterpiece

  • The Chicago High School for the Arts (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The Puzzle League, in efforts with The LeaderShop, will be hosting their 5th annual MasterPiece Dance Competition on July 14th, 2018 from 6:30pm-10:00pm! Doors open at 6:00pm. Tickets available now!! 

This competition aims to provide hip hop dance companies with the opportunity they crave to compete and showcase their craft while helping a local non-profit organization, The LeaderShop, contribute to our thriving community of youth. A large portion of the proceeds will help The LeaderShop in their efforts to empower young adults in becoming community-minded individuals through diverse programs that foster confidence, knowledge and leadership. For more information on The LeaderShop, please visit


Adrenaline Rush/PBE
Elite Family
DLD Future Legacies
Prism Kru
Daily Center

The Puzzle League
The PieceMakers
Puzzle Dynasty
DLD Dance Company
JSY Collective
Blu Rhythm Crew
Dream Team
Create InMotion
Yonko Stray
Lexie Keller Project
Latinos Juntos
Project Relentless
EVOLVE by Chantel S.
Melodic Nocturne
Young Lions

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