2017 June Summer Intensive

Join us for our June Summer Intensive form the 26th to the 30th. Our intensive is open to all ages and levels and will give you the opportunity to train with some of Chicago's best professional Choreographers/Dancers for 3 hours each day!

Intensive Lineup:

Monday June 26th - Chris Xayarath: Hip Hop & Contemporary (Visceral,Puzzle League,Carnival)

Tues June 27th - Marcus Hardy: Jazz & Contemporary (Inaside Dance)

Wed June 28th - Krista Ellensohn: Contemporary & Hip Hop (Hubbard Street, Boom Crack)

Thursday June 29th - Annie Franklin: Hip Hop (2017 Monsters Cast Nominee, Carnival)

Friday June 30th - Matt Pumanes: Hip Hop (Director of Puzzle League, Wins every Competition everywhere)

Time: Noon - 3pm Everyday

Price: Week pass $285, Day pass $60