Ballet is a technique class which builds on grace, poise, and strength while developing correct body placement. Dancers will be encouraged to use their natural turnout and learn safe exercises for increasing their natural range of motion.


We will bring it all in this class! Break Dance class will teach you foot work, top and bottom rocks, tumbling, dynamic tricks, spinning tricks and freestyle breakdance.


This popular dance form combines Ballet, Jazz and Modern dance technique. Contemporary is a very expressive and challenging dance style, which emphasizes on agility, core, fluidity and style.


This dance class is designed to concentrate in core exercises, which are fundamental to a dancer’s physique. Core strengthening class will help our dancers with proper posture and use of their core muscles, which can be used in any style of dance. 


Hip Hop is a blend of today’s street and cultural dance styles – a fast pace, energetic dance which utilizes coordination, balance and self-expression. This dance genre will help strengthen core muscles by incorporating static movements and hits in Hip Hop class. Dancers will improve their cardio, stamina and flexibility. Hip Hop is very fun and a challenging dance genre for any age dancer. 


Hip Hop in Heels is a fun and energetic class! Dancers will be dance to hip hop and wear heels to do so. This class will definitely give your legs a workout at the same time. 


Jazz class combines the arts of ballet and modern dance trends, to create a free style technique of movement. The class will incorporate traditional, Broadway and contemporary styles in a high energy-fun atmosphere. 


Jazz Funk is combination of jazz and hip-hop, to create a fun and energetic class.


Leaps and Turns Class. This is a technique class designed to assist students in focusing on the leaps, jumps and turns which dancers perform in Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop. This specialized class will help dancers become better in executing basic leaps, center leaps, turns, and fouetté.

Lyrical Hip Hop

Lyrical Hip Hop is a blend of the basic elements of street dance with the elements of street jazz, contemporary dance and lyrical jazz. Choreographies focus strongly on the passages of melody and lyrics.


Modern Dance is a dance style, which centers on the choreographer’s or dancer’s own interpretations. Instead of using structured steps, modern dancers learn to reject the limitations of traditional movements and begin to favor the expression of movement derived from their inner feelings. 


Auditions for our award winning dance companies are held once a year in the Summer. Teams compete at major dance competitions which have included Applause, Nexstar, Energy, Showstoppers, Spotlight and others depending on schedule. Our Dance companies also perform throughout the city in special and private events.


Tap class includes basic footwork, musicality and rhythm while using a full body approach. Jazz incorporates all forms of dance to enhance dancers’ overall technique. This class is great for increasing agility, reflexes, stamina and memory. 


Waacking consists of moving the arms to the music beat, typically in a movement of the arms over and behind the shoulder. Waacking also contains other elements such as posing and footwork. Voguing is a dance consisting of a series of stylized poses struck in imitation of fashion models. Basically- a hip hop class that incorporates both Waacking and Voguing into the dance routine.